The Love Map

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Fall in love with yourself through present & intentional dating!



What is The Love Map?

The Love Map is is a 7 week journey to understand yourself and love through the adventure of present & intentional dating.

  Choose yourself
  Practice the art of manifestation & how to be really good at it! 
  Call in a new lover or a life partner


The Love Map will give you:

     A map to clear the blocks on the road to love

     A pathway to open your heart and fall in love with yourself 

    The ability to identify, heal and break through fears, old wounds and sabotaging patterning around love, intimacy, relationships and connection

    Be magnetic to men through feminine embodiment 

    Skills and tools to trust yourself, stand in your confidence and feminine power

     The vision and insight to get to know yourself more intimately than ever before

   You will also gain access to a Sisterhood who will:

– Love and support you
– Keep you accountable

– Be brave with you
– Honour you
– Dance with and celebrate you!

What will I receive?

Oh, the gifts you will receive!

Every woman’s Love Map is totally unique to her. 

Through your ‘Map’ you will understand all your past learnings, lessons, themes and experiences of love to date. 

You will gain clear insight into what it is you do want and a fresh perspective into the inner workings of your own belief systems and values when it comes to love.


What will we explore?

  Current reality – where are you now in relation to love?

  Clarity – knowing exactly what you want to call in and create

  Do you love you?

  What is blocking or stopping you – identify, clear and release!

  Your greatest fear – the stories and myths we tell ourselves

  What are your values?

  The ‘Shopping List’

  Killer Profile building – how to have the online presence that gets you noticed by the man you want!

  Walking the path of dating  using the power of manifestation

  The difference between masculine and feminine in love and life

  Feminine embodiment and sacred sexuality: ignite your permission, pleasure and power 

  Fall in love with yourself walking The Love Map


Who are my Guides?

The 7 week journey will be co-facilitated by Ella (Pam Ella) and Zoe Leishman. You can find out more about each of them here.


How long will it take? What’s the commitment from me?

The Love Map is run one night per week over 7 consecutive weeks and is held in person for 3 hours per evening.

From 7pm to 10pm.

7 weeks to commit to You and this work.

   Where: Abbotsford, VIC

   When: 30th August, 6th September, 13th September, 20th September, 27th September, 4th October, 11th October,



How much does it cost?

$1080 is the investment for the entire 7 week experience.

How much is a life lived in love and deep intimacy worth to you? 


What can I expect?

Throughout your personal 7 week journey each evening will be facilitated by your Guides: Ella (Pam Ella) and Zoe Leishman.

Both women are living, breathing, embodiments of this work and are walking this Map, and they can guarantee… it works!

Click here to find out more about your guides.

The evenings will be run in a relaxed workshop style format and each night will move through a mix of coaching, practical skills, tools and elements of embodied practice which all serve to enable you to both process and integrate the experience.

Each week there will be commitments made and activities set that you will take with you to implement, practice and embody in your day to day life.

There will be friendships forged and stories shared. There will be laughter and there will be play, and it will be THE SISTERS WHO EDUCATE THE SISTERS!!!

You are all Masters in this space.

Zoe and Ella hold the framework and facilitate you through your journey as your Guides for the organic process to unfold.

This is a totally safe space where you get to know yourself intimately.

You will share the space with a group of other sisters who are all on the same mission, sharing the same purpose. Though each one of you will have your own unique intention.

And because of this, The Love Map that you decide to explore, design and ultimately create over the 7 weeks will be totally unique to you.

If you are ready to open your Heart, The Love Map is a path to fall in love with YOU